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14 March 2018A Question of Provenance: Researching at a Commercial Gallery
11 April 2018From Van Brugh to Repton: The Development of the 18th Century English Garden
09 May 2018What Really Happened in the Yellow House in Arles in 1888?
13 June 2018The Art of Akhenaten & Nefertiti: Ancient Egypt's Unique Royal Couple

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A Question of Provenance: Researching at a Commercial Gallery Viv Hendra Wednesday 14 March 2018

The question of authenticity is so important in the Art world. For a gallery owner, knowing whether what is offered for sale is genuine and being able to convince a buyer of its authenticity must be vital. The financial pages of the newspapers in reacting to the dramatic falls in the stock market just recently are advising us to consider other investments such as art or wine. You might have a picture handed down through the family and be tempted to estimate its value and want to know what documentary evidence you need to persuade others that it is genuine.  

Viv Hendra studied at both Cambridge and Exeter Universities. He is an authority on John Opie and is consulted by private individuals and galleries in New York and London. He published ‘The Cornish Wonder – a Portrait of John Opie’ in 2007.